BAUDZIEDZIC is a construction company with a tradition in which we combine many years of experience, proven construction processes and leading technologies. In each of the projects that we are executing, we try to focus our knowledge, experience and passion for construction on the needs of the investor, to transform even the most demanding project into our joint success.

Operating since 1998 we have shown ourselves to customers as a trusted contractor who honestly and professionally performs the assigned duties. The company owes such a very good reputation to effective and efficient management system, effective and efficient execution of construction works, broad technical potential and most of all, an innovative approach to diverse and multidimensional projects. Cooperation with a growing range of domestic and foreign investors is our success.


We consider the following as the core of every project:

  • On-time completion of each project regardless of its size and value.
  • The use of modern construction solutions and technologies.
  • Control over safety at work at each stage of construction.
  • Reliable quality of materials used 
  • High standard of finishing.
  • Effective supply chain management.



The strength and potential of BAUDZIEDZIC company are highly qualified employees who regularly improve their qualifications. We entrust both the construction supervision and execution only to experienced professionals. Our specialists consistently strive for excellence in their field, and we support them in this by providing access to new technologies and developing new solutions that help increasing their efficiency and productivity.

By engaging subcontractors we look for reliable partners who are guided by a philosophy of creating mutual success, emphasizing high quality, timeliness and safety. During execution of subcontracted works, we closely cooperate with companies from all industries involved in the project and we coordinate activities of all industries at each stage of execution.

During the project, we also cooperate with experienced specialists with relevant industry-specific authorisations (e.g. geodetic, geological or engineering).


They trusted us