Our technical resources developed from over 16 years give us a competitive advantage and allows us to meet the constantly changing needs of our customers. Modern construction equipment in the hands of experienced staff provides us an effective and efficient implementation of the tasks entrusted to the company. 

Our machinery resources include high-end equipment, machines and construction vehicles of reputable manufacturers that are reviewed on regular basis ensuring their safety of use.

The company owns among other equipment, such as:

  • Jaso tower cranes,
  • IGO 32 Potain tower crane,
  • Crawler and backhoes excavators ,
  • Mobile cranes,
  • Drilling machines and diamond saws,
  • Electrical and pneumatic hammering equipment,
  • Hilti electric construction tools,
  • Heating coil,
  • Bending and cutting machines for reinforcing steel,
  • Mechanical trowels for industrial floors,
  • NOE ALU L formwork,
  • H20 formwork system for floor slabs,
  • Set of wellpoints with DUO 6 "D diesel generator
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